About Chalk Paint™

Hi, I'm Nicole from My Sister's House in Rockhampton, Queensland.

All of the items you see below have been restored and hand painted in Annie Sloan Chalk Paint™ right here in our Queensland Studio by my husband Stewart.

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Chalk Paint™ is available in 32 amazing colours. It was developed back in 1990 by Annie Sloan specifically for painting Furniture, Floors & Walls, giving them a matte, velvety finish. We cannot speak more highly of this paint and it's amazing properties. It is just so EASY to use!

The best thing is we will tell you EXACTLY how we did it. No tricks - Just great advice and a high quality product that does what is says it will do and more!

Chalk Paint™ sticks to just about anything including Wood, Concrete, Metal, Vinyl, Laminate, Glass and much more, inside and outside the home.

It dries fast so you can add second quickly and start enjoying your revitalised pieces sooner. Gorgeous results have never been so simple and straightforward.

This is THE paint to use for French, Scandinavian, Modern & Vintage looks on furniture where the paintwork shows a patina of history.

Chalk Paint™is very easy to use in combination with our Soft Wax to give it a beautiful mellow, protected finish.

Chalk Paint™ has been made bright and rich. It can be darkened with the application of Dark Soft Wax to create a tea stained effect or made Lighter with the addition of one of the whites from the range - such as Old White or Pure White.

All Annie Sloan paint colours have been mixed in such a way that the mixing and layering of colours will not dull, giving you the vibrant finish you want.

Best of all the woodwork NEEDS NO PRIMING, NO PREPARATION as it will stick to almost everything!

The English Yellow & Graphite Chalk Paint™bedside table in the picture below was a shiny 1970's Wood Pattern Laminate. It came up a treat with Chalk Paint™.

The paint is Eco Friendly, Water based paint that is low VOC. Brushes wash out in water! There are two sizes in the Chalk Paint - 946ml Tin or or 118ml Sample pot. Chalk Paint™ has g
reat coverage. A a rough guide is 13 square meters. A 946ml Tin has enough to paint a Dining Table and 6 Chairs, while a 118ml Sample Pot will paint a Small Chair or bedside table.

Painting with Chalk paint is addictive - Watch Annie introduce her Chalk Paint and see those it has inspired

Here is a Quick DIY Guide

Painted Furniture - Clean the surface. Warm Soapy water is enough. Paint 1 to 2 coats as needed. If it looks dry you can re-coat. Distress with a 180 gritt Sandpaper or Higher if that is the look you are after - other wise leave it be. Apply the Soft Wax with a cloth and buff. Done!

Garden Furniture - Paint over Wood, Metal, Matt Plastic or Terracotta and leave to harden overnight before exposing to rain. Do not wax furniture that will be outside in the Sun. (The sun will melt the wax and dirt will stick to your project)

Floors - Use a roller or Brush to paint the floor. You may need one or two coats depending on the colour of the wood or concrete and the colour of the paint. Light colours will need more coats generally. Varnish with our Annie Sloan Extra Strong Matt Lacquer made specific all for Floor. Why not try a lime washed effect.

Walls - No need to varnish or wax Matt walls - use on walls for a completely matt effect but remember this is best for anywhere that is not going to get a lot of wear and tear.

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